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As your coach, my job is to support, champion and challenge you as you move toward the goals you have set for yourself.

I tailor my approach to each individual. I pull from a variety of tools, including embodiment, to help reveal emotional patterns that foster energy shifts that bring clarity. This is the nexus where possibilities emerge and you are empowered to move toward the vision you hold for your life.

I look forward to connecting.

Embodied Coaching

Embodied Empowerment Offerings

Embodied Empowerment is a holistic process that facilitates lasting change in the body, mind and heart. As a somatic coach, I help my clients tap into their bodies, the source of our wisdom and power — where lasting change takes hold.

I invite you to explore my offerings below and reach out for a complimentary session..

Purpose and Vision

This is where it starts. Getting clear about what you’re here to do. Purpose is the North Star that informs the way you live your life. Holding the vision of the person you want to be brings focus and energy to the goals you set for yourself. I offer a simple three-session process that will guide you through the process. Book Here

Reclaim Your Power

We make mistakes, we hurt others and we hurt ourselves. Making amends to others helps us heal and find peace.  Forgiving ourselves enables us to reclaim our personal power so we can show up unapologetically for ourselves. If you are struggling with self forgiveness, I offer two complimentary sessions. Book Here

Simplify Change

Let’s not make change harder than it has to be. I am a strong believer in getting to the core of what’s holding us back. We all have blocks and self-limiting beliefs. Cultivating awareness enables us to see the stories that run our life. As your coach, I will help you access those stories and write a new script that will help you move forward. Book Here

Inner Wisdom

Many of us reach a point in life, and think: where is the wisdom I was promised in my youth? Let me assure you, it is within you. As a somatic coach, I can help you cultivate self-awareness, strengthen your intuitive muscle and connection to your higher self, your source of wisdom and empowerment. Book Here

Banish Your

Self sabotage – it’s a bitch. As with everything I coach on, I have walked the walk, and experienced the many ways we sabotage our lives. We break the cycle, when we see it and own it.  This work is life changing and I welcome the opportunity to walk you through my process. Book Here

Midlife Transitions

Midlife has its own set of uniquely challenging transitions.  Having the guidance and support of an experienced coach is invaluable. I have rebuilt my life from the bottom up starting at age 59. I possess the experience, wisdom, and tools to help guide you through whatever life has thrown your way. Book Here

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your world and you will call it fate.” — Carl Jung

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